International Christian Leadership Institute

Headmaster’s Welcome

Chris UrbanNashua Christian Academy and its high school program, The International Christian Leadership Institute, welcome you to a Christian community focused on growing in Christ within an extraordinary academic program.

In the Kindergarten and Elementary grades, students are nurtured throughout their day by a dedicated team of teachers committed to discovering and developing the God-given potential in each and every child as they strive to establish a firm foundation on Jesus Christ. Staff and students alike thrive in the Lord’s presence as they explore the remarkable world He has created. Challenging curricula push these early learners to use their critical thinking skills to examine every aspect of their world in the light of truth.

But perhaps you have a pre-adolescent at home. This age is an exciting if sometimes awkward time in a student’s life! Fortunately our Junior High students have the perfect example in Christ for their first steps toward maturity and independence. Teachers are dedicated to preparing each student for what lies ahead, not only in the classroom but also beyond. Academics prepare our Junior High students for the rigors of High School and College. Students are discipled to consider both the knowledge presented in each subject area and the new social dynamics of adolescence from a Biblical perspective and to apply that perspective to his or her daily life and relationships.

High School is the final preparation for college and the future, where a worldview is often cemented and life-long friendships are made. When students develop a heart for God, every aspect of their lives is impacted and dramatically improved. Students in grades 9 -12 grow academically as they pursue a rigorous college preparatory program including college level classes, emotionally as they participate in a caring Christian school community, physically in sports and clubs, and spiritually as they study God’s word daily and apply it in relationship, in community service and in global outreach through missions at home and abroad.

Consider Johanna Holecy’s reflection: (class of ’05)
“These six words – Passion for God, Compassion for People – have been the driving force behind everything done at NCA. Teachers and students alike strive toward real understanding of what this motto truly means, both personally and cooperatively. We want to walk like Him, talk like Him, and reflect Him in all we do. At NCA we are striving to live this on a daily basis.”

We welcome you to our community and to our commitment to serve Jesus Christ!

Christine Urban
Headmaster, Nashua Christian Academy