International Christian Leadership Institute


NCA BuildingNashua Christian Academy is a regional, discipleship model K-12 Christian school that grew out of years of prayer from within Grace Fellowship of Nashua and the broader Christian community. Events conspired to move the Grace Fellowship Church body to found the school during 1997-98. Sometime in 1997, GFC realized that the congregation had outgrown the limited parking in this downtown area, and the church sought to purchase parking from its neighbor Nashua Corporation. That became the first ‘domino’ in a long line.

Nashua Corporation insisted that the parking lot in question remain with the 369,000 square foot mill building at 34 Franklin Street near the church. So with the purchase of much needed parking came a very large available building to develop! Community response was immediate, with donations of school furniture and other supplies from Nashua area companies and from the Nashua Public School District. Bethel Christian School, a small K-8 in nearby Hudson, NH, contacted Grace Fellowship not to rent space but to absorb their school in a larger effort, hoping a regional Christian high school would result. And so it did – God orchestrated this coming together of church, school and business to birth Nashua Christian Academy.

The Grace Fellowship elders and church body stepped out in obedience to the Lord’s leading to assume an overwhelming task. From its inception, NCA has been a team effort, involving members of the church and school communities in every aspect of its development. Families and GFC staff installed studs, hung drywall, painted, carpeted, did plumbing and electrical work for weeks and months on end. This exciting and intense time was a true parallel for the joys and pains of childbirth.

In January of 1998, a school administration was formed, and recruitment of teachers and students begun. On September 8, 1998, Nashua Christian Academy opened its doors to 198 students in Kindergarten through tenth grade. A grade was added each following year until the first class graduated in June of 2001.

Nashua Christian Academy has continued to minister to Christian families and local churches throughout Nashua and the Merrimack Valley, offering education strong in academics and focused on discipleship. The rigorous instructional program is enhanced by the emphasis on growing in one’s personal relationship with Christ and living out His example in daily life.

In 2009, NCA became SEVIS certified and welcomed its first international students. International ministry is a core value within Grace Fellowship Church and the school itself, and the infusion of the world into the classroom was a logical extension of the focus on missions. Students were placed in ESL classes in the early years, but have since been moved into immersion classrooms and supported with ESL tutoring as needed.

In 2013, NCA’s high school program became a subsidiary, The International Christian Leadership Institute, dedicated to instill Passion for God and Compassion for People, equipping every student for Christian leadership and service within the context of a rigorous college preparatory academic program. Our vision is to build Christian leaders boldly living for Christ and influencing their world for Him. As a discipleship-model school, we address the whole student as we apply God’s Word to spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development.We remain thankful to the Lord for His provision and faithfulness in every area.