International Christian Leadership Institute


Our Mission

Junior High Class

NCA’s mission is to instill Passion for God and Compassion for People, equipping every student for Christian leadership and service within the context of a rigorous college preparatory academic program.

In this world of confusion and conflict, Jesus’ call to righteousness and obedience is more important than ever. Our vision at Nashua Christian Academy is to build Christian leaders boldly living for Christ and influencing their world for Him. As a discipleship-model school, we address the whole student as we apply God’s Word to spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development.

Leadership at NCA takes several forms. Students of all ages get involved with outside agencies to help children, the poor, and the aged in the community. Students at the high school level participate in mission trips regionally and abroad where they are involved in Christian service in cross-cultural situations. Students have also received internships in early and middle childhood education, pharmacy, nursing, aviation, small business management, drama, automotive repair, and marketing. The greater awareness that comes with each of these opportunities informs students’ continued academic and life experience.

NCA families come from more than 50 churches in a broad range of Christian denominations. This diversity within the body of Christ greatly enhances the living curriculum as we examine Scripture together. Students learn the fundamentals of the faith in daily Bible classes and experience them first-hand at numerous outreach events during the year. Denominational differences are recognized, and students are encouraged to discuss those differences with their parents and pastor to better understand what they believe and why.