International Christian Leadership Institute

International Christian Leadership Institute


A Christian Education with Global Perspective

Now is the time for transformational leadership on an international scale! Gifted young men and women from every nation desire real, positive change and are committed to working for a Christian community with global impact. The issues confronting us are daunting and all too real. Resolving them will demand wisdom and knowledge with a global perspective.

The International Christian Leadership Institute (ICLI) recognizes that Junior High and High School are critical steps in preparing the next generation, where worldview is often cemented and life-long friendships are made. Nourishing academic excellence in the context of a strong Christian worldview is foundational to building transformational leadership in this generation. Why? Transformation requires wisdom and understanding beyond the norm, commitment to higher goals for every nation.

ICLI is the high school program at Nashua Christian Academy, an affordable college preparatory school accredited since 2008 by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC). Located in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire, ICLI provides a cross-cultural experience focused on building transformational leadership in a global urban context. The NCA-ICLI school community represents a broad spectrum of nations and churches, where our varied backgrounds and cultures come alive in personal relationships founded on Christ.