International Christian Leadership Institute


English – (4 credits required)

The Language Arts Department seeks to teach student to “Think as well as read…Yield not your minds to the passive impressions which others may make upon them. Hear what they have to say; but examine it, weigh it, and judge it for yourselves.” – Tryon Edwards, 1809-1894. This ability, when used against the backdrop of effective and critical biblical examination, will develop life long learners, critical/creative thinkers, and effective communicators through an established foundation in listening, speaking, and writing.

Expository Writing (1.0 credit)

Writing and Grammar: Communication in Action, Prentice Hall, c.2003
The focus of Expository Writing is to strengthen writing, research, documentation, and reading skills in preparation for each student’s continued academic career. Students will begin by looking at the process and structure of writing and conclude the year with a substantial research paper.

Course Units:

Writing Process
Developing a thesis
Choosing a topic
Rubrics and formatting
Public speaking
Narrative Essay
Compare and Contrast essay
Descriptive Essay
Short research paper
Research skills
Literary analysis
MLA documentation
Long research paper


English 10 (1.0 credit)

Literature texts listed below in the Course Units.

The focus of English 10 is to continue to strengthen writing, reading, and critical thinking skills. Students will continue to develop their vocabulary for SAT/ACT prep as well as to further their writing prowess through the study and application of Latin roots. The class will engage in a variety of activities ranging from novel study to journalism.

Course Units:

The Great Gatsby
Nectar in a Sieve
Much Ado About Nothing
Short story creation and analysis
The Crucible
“Young Goodman Brown” & Other Short Stories


English 11 (1.0 credit)

Literature texts listed below in the Course Units.

The focus of English 11 is to continue to develop each student into a critical thinker who can effectively communicate his/her ideas through word, speech, and visual media.

Course Units:

Poetry creation and analysis
Harlem Renaissance study
To Kill a Mockingbird
Public speaking
Short stories
Morality plays and Beowulf


English 12 (1.0 credit)

Literature texts listed below in the Course Units.

The focus of English 12 is to continue to strengthen and polish writing, reading, and critical thinking skills as well as to further prepare students for their continuing education and life goals. Students will engage in a variety of activities ranging from writing the college essay to novel study.

Course Units:

Writing the college essay
Writing an autobiography
Short stories
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Shack


English Composition 120 (SNHU 3 credits/NCA-ICLI 1.0 credit)

Writing Today, Brief Edition, 2e, Johnson-Sheehan, Richard & Paine, Charles, ©2013.
Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston, Zora Neale

ENG 120 is a college-level writing course that introduces students to various forms of academic discourse. Students are required to prepare essays in a variety of rhetorical modes, including exposition, description and argumentation.

ENG 120 introduces students to process-writing techniques, library research and MLA documentation procedures. The primary focus is to help students acquire the writing skills they need to succeed in the university environment. Enrollment is kept intentionally small, typically 15 students per section, to assure maximum benefit.