International Christian Leadership Institute

Health and Physical Education

Health & Physical Education – (1 credit required)

Health (0.5 credit – required)

Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle, Rivers Edge, c.1997
This text covers three major aspects of a healthy lifestyle; physical health, mental health, and social health. In the units on physical health, students study the human body, nutrition, fitness and exercise, infectious diseases. In the units on mental health, students study stress and anxiety, life management, and being made in God’s image. In the units on social health, students learn about risks, responsibilities, maturity, and changing relationships.

Physical Education (1.0 credit – required)

Life Fitness (0.5 credit)/Sports Participation, 0.25 per sport per season
Students are required to take this course in addition to participation in sports or in a second PE class. Students are led to establish life-long fitness habits through various types of exercise. Activities will be appropriate for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.