International Christian Leadership Institute

Dual Enrollment & Internships

Dual Enrollment & Internships

Dual Enrollment Program

The International Christian Leadership Institute offers its third and fourth year students on-campus courses credited by Southern New Hampshire University, an accredited four-year university. Course instructors are adjunct faculty for the university, and the credits earned may be transferred to other colleges and universities.

Dual Enrollment courses in 2012-13

Introduction to Literature – (SNHU 3 credits/NCA-ICLI 1.0 credit)

This introductory level course introduces students to the study and appreciation of various forms of literature. We will explore the literary genres of fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction.. The course covers an overview of literary terminology and an introduction to critical analysis of literature.

English Composition 120 – (SNHU 3 credits/NCA-ICLI 1.0 credit)

ENG 120 is a college-level writing course that introduces students to various forms of academic discourse. Students are required to prepare essays in a variety of rhetorical modes, including exposition, description and argumentation. This course introduces students to process-writing techniques, library research and MLA documentation procedures. The primary focus is to help students acquire the writing skills they need to succeed in the university environment.

College Introduction to Psychology (SNHU 3 credit hours, NCA-ICLI 1 credit)

Thinking About Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, Worth Publishers, c. 2008

Intro to Psychology, provides a comprehensive review of the science of the mind and behavior. The class explores: the history of the field, research strategies and statistics, the biological bases for behavior, motivational theory, human development, personality theory, conditioning and learning theory, memory and consciousness, biological rhythms in human functioning, thinking and language, psychological disorders and therapies, and social thinking and influence. Students study within a biblical worldview through instruction, guest speakers and hands-on activities.


ICLI juniors and seniors also have the opportunity to intern in a broad spectrum of career areas, ranging from aviation and nursing to finance and automotive repair. Students can experience culinary, customer service and small business management right on campus at Bonhoeffer’s Café, an upscale coffee house open to the public. Internships are targeted to the development of critical skills in English, culturally appropriate social interaction, or specific student interests, such as small business management, customer service, or marketing. Hours in an internship are credited on the student’s transcript.