International Christian Leadership Institute

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

All students must earn a minimum of 27* credits

*1 credit = 1 hour class 5 days per week for a full academic year

  • Bible (4)
  • English (4)
  • Mathematics (4)
  • Science (4) (including at least 1 biological science and 1 physical science)
  • Social studies (4) (including US History, Economics, and U.S. Government)
  • Foreign language (3) – For international students, this may be perfecting Academic skills required for university.
  • Physical Education & Sports (1)
  • Fine Arts (.5)
  • Computer Studies (.5)
  • Health (.5)
  • Other Electives (1.5)

Mission Trip Requirement

NCA High School students are required to complete one NCA-ICLI short term mission trip during their 4 year high school career and before graduation. Parents will be notified of itinerary and costs. Students send letters to family, church family, and friends to request support for this very valuable experience. NCA will provide a sample support letter and students and chaperones will meet for training and preparation in the weeks before the trip.

There are five main dynamics involved in our inclusion of a mission trip at the high school level. These trips are far more than a class trip, or even an extended service or outreach project.

The Five Dynamics of Missions include:
1. Mission – Teens and adult chaperones bring the Gospel and live it out around the world.
2. Cultural Exchange – Teens gain first hand experience of other peoples and how they think and live.
3. Service to the Poor – Teens see on a practical level how this scriptural imperative can be done at every age!
4. Retreat – Getting outside our busy daily life and looking beyond ourselves to God brings his peace.
5. Community Building – NCA is a Christian community for four years of your son or daughter’s life. The mission trip creates bonds and opens up godly perspectives not typically accessed in a classroom setting

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