International Christian Leadership Institute

Our Philosophy

Curricular Philosophy

Our curricular philosophy is a unification of NCA-ICLI’s mission statement, student life, and college preparatory academics.


Our mission is to instill Passion for God and Compassion for People in each and every student within the context of a rigorous program of college preparatory academics. Students are equipped for leadership in the classroom and through Christian service. ICLI is committed to the whole student — including spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development.

Student Life

Our students grow spiritually as they study God’s word daily and apply it in relationship, in community service and in global outreach through missions at home and abroad.


The NCA-ICLI Academic Advantage is clear in our strong college preparatory program within a Christian worldview. Students complete a rigorous immersion academic program (our International students receiving ESL tutorial support as needed), and may qualify to participate in Dual Enrollment university coursework on-campus and/or in credited internships outside the school. They are well prepared for college admission through SAT Prep classes, targeted English essay instruction, contact with college representatives from across the US, and mentored scholarship searches and application.