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School Profile

School Profile


for the 2013-2014 school year
Headmaster: Christine Urban
High School Principal: Paul Berube
College Board Code 300429


Nashua Christian Academy is a regional, evangelical Christian school, serving families in the Southern New Hampshire/Northern Massachusetts area. Established in 1998, NCA offers a quality kindergarten through 12th grade traditional classroom education that is Christ-centered. Our mission is to instill Passion for God and Compassion for People in each and every student within the context of a rigorous program of college preparatory academics. Students are equipped for leadership in the classroom and through Christian service. NCA is committed to the whole student — including spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and development. NCA is currently accredited with the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).

Nashua Christian Academy is a coeducational school, which works to prepare all students for college. It is non-denominational, and admits academically qualified students without regard to race, color, or nation of origin. NCA has received AA Approval from the State of New Hampshire and serves up to 300 students in grades K – 12. The class of 2014 has an enrollment of 10 students and will be the fourteenth to graduate from NCA.

NCA has 14 full and part time faculty in the High School. Every teacher is degreed in his/her area of expertise; more than a third have earned Master’s Degrees.

Graduation Requirements

All students must earn a minimum of 27 credits:

  • Bible (4)
  • English (4)
  • Mathematics (4)
  • Science (4) (including at least 1 biological science and 1 physical science)
  • Social studies (4) (including US History, Economics, and U.S. Government)
  • Foreign language (3) – For international students, this may be perfecting academic skills required for university.
  • Physical Education (1)
  • Fine Arts (.5)
  • Computer Studies (.5)
  • Health (.5)
  • Other Electives (1.5)

Class Standing

At this time students are ranked against the peers in their class. Although this does not provide as accurate an assessment of their standing as it would if the class were substantially larger, it gives colleges and universities an idea of where NCA students are academically. In recent years NCA students have received National Merit Letters of Commendation and recognition as National Merit Semi-Finalists.


The curriculum is exclusively college preparatory. NCA’s academic year is divided into two equal semesters with most courses being offered for a full year. NCA currently offers Dual Enrollment classes in conjunction with Southern New Hampshire University in English, Psychology and Marketing.

Grading and Grade Point Average

Grading Scale Letter Equivalent Grade Points Grade Points for AP
& Senior Honors Classes
98 – 100 A+ 4.33 5.33
94 – 97 A 4.00 5.00
90 – 93 A- 3.67 4.67
88 – 89 B+ 3.33 4.33
84 – 87 B 3.00 4.00
80 – 83 B- 2.67 3.67
78 – 79 C+ 2.33 3.33
76 – 77 C 2.00 3.00
75 C- 1.67 2.67
73 – 74 D+ 1.33 2.33
71 – 72 D 1.00 2.00
70 D- .67 1.67
0 – 69 F 0.00 0.00

Post Graduation Statistics

The students from NCA have been accepted at the following colleges and universities:

Albertus Magnus College
Anna Maria College
Auburn University
Azusa Pacific University
Bob Jones University
Boston University
Calvin College
Colby Sawyer College
Colorado Christian University
Cornell University
Daniel Webster College
Eastern University
Emerson College
Franciscan University
Geneva College
Grove City
Harding University
Hesser College
Hofstra University
Howard University

Huntington College
Johnson & Wales University
Judson College
Keene State College
Lee University
Liberty University
Mass. Maritime Academy
Messiah College
Montreat College
NH Community Tech
Niagara University
Northpark University
Oral Roberts University
Pace University
Palm Beach Atlantic
Pepperdine University
Philadelphia University
Plymouth State University
Purdue University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
Rivier College

Roberts Wesleyan College
Saint Anselm College
Southeastern University
Springfield University
St Thomas University Houston
Trevecca Nazarene
Troy University
University of Alabama
University of Southern Alabama
University of West Alabama
University of Hartford
University of Mass Lowell
University of New England
University of New Hampshire
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode Island
Westmont College
West Point Military Academy
Wheaton College

Standardized Test Scores

SAT Test Year Number of Students Average Score Critical Reading Math Writing
2014 10 1940 630 643 667

Extracurricular Activities

NCA offers soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter for both boys and girls. Other extra-curriculars include VEX robotics.