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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Music – Grades 6-8

Accent on Composers, Alfred, 2001
The purpose of the Music curriculum is first to glorify our Lord. Students are exposed to music as worship in singing, listening, responding, moving and playing instruments. Our goals include learning to enjoy all musical forms, to become listeners and performers, to develop self-discipline, to encourage participation and develop socially, to acquaint with other cultures and historical periods, and to build community within the Body of Christ. (Adapted from Heather Greenwood, “Why include Music in the Christian School Curriculum?” Nurture (Australia), Autumn, 1981)

Through composing, listening, studying classical and jazz composers and styles, group composer projects, artwork, individual projects and varied worksheets, students will be introduced to the basics of music theory and music appreciation through the ages. They will learn to read and play musical notation and will play a variety of classroom instruments from African to “boomwackers”.

Art – Grades 6-8

Junior High students meet for 50 minutes every day for one trimester. Class time is divided between lecture and video presentations on significant artists (from the 1200’s to the present day) and hands-on art experiences with correlated fun projects. Students are exposed to a variety of media – paint, clay, water-color, marker, block printing, balsa foam, scratch board, chalk, cray-pas and watercolor pencils – creating 2-D and 3-D pieces of art. Eye training exercises, and focus on growth in art vocabulary, concepts and skills complete the program.

Key artists studied in 8th grade are: Rembrandt, Audubon, Renoir/Monet, Cassatt, Escher, F. L. Wright, Rockwell, and Pop Artists. Eighth grade students are also introduced to twenty different Art Careers.