International Christian Leadership Institute

World Languages

World Languages

Teaching world languages as a part of Christian education supports our mission to equip NCA students for leadership and Christian service. The study of languages and cultures broadens students’ perspective, increases their awareness of other cultures and people groups, and fosters a spirit of compassion and understanding. Students learn how language is tied to culture and determines one’s way of thinking.

Grade 6 – Exploratory Spanish

Como Te Va? Rojo, Glencoe Publishers, c.2007
The Exploratory Spanish class meets twice weekly to learn basic vocabulary and conversational usage. Greetings, food, school and house terms are learned as students study Spanish speaking countries, their holidays and celebrations.

Grade 7 – Spanish 1A

Avancemos 1a, Holt MacDougal, c.2010

Grade 8< Spanish 1B

Avancemos 1b, Holt MacDougal, c.2010
The students in grade 7 meet three times each week to complete one half of the high school level Spanish 1 year. The year is completed in 8th grade on a similar schedule. Students focus on conversation, culture and grammar, including verb tense and structure. Students will be prepared to enter Spanish 2 in grade 9.