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About Our Library

Nashua Christian Academy has a wonderful library program offered to all of our students, from the eager kindergartner listening to story time, to the junior higher learning library skills, to the 12th grader quietly studying.

Our Mission

To assist teachers, encourage students, and support parents. We implement this through working with teachers to enhance and enrich their curriculum, encouraging our students to develop their love for reading – with an emphasis on Christian fiction, and taking great care in critiquing books before adding them to our library.

Our first floor library serves Kindergarten through grade 2, and our third floor library serves grades 3-12. We have over 14,000 volumes, and are constantly updating and weeding our collection. In previous years we have averaged 600 new books a year!

Kindergarten through 8th grade have scheduled library classes. Library skills are taught to grades 3-8. High school students are encouraged to visit during study hall, lunchtime, or by coordinating with a teacher during class time.

Library Events

Scholastic Book Fair in April.

Used Book Sale in May.

Library Contact

Joanne Frediani
Joanne Frediani

Library Hours
Wed. and Thurs.
8:00am – 3:00pm