International Christian Leadership Institute

Admissions Process

Step I: Complete an Application

To begin the admissions process, please submit the following to Nashua Christian Academy.

  1. Review the following: Description of the NCA Student, Statement of Faith, and Expected Student Outcomes
  2. A completed admissions application
  3. Pastoral Recommendation Form (Kindergarten-5, Junior High, High School)
  4. $50 non-refundable application fee

Step II: Submit Additional Materials

In addition to your application, please submit the following:

  • For First through Eighth, a copy of the most recent report card and Standardized Testing Scores.
  • For Ninth through Twelfth, a transcript of their high school career, as appropriate, along with a written essay of their Christian testimony.

Step III: Schedule a Test Date

For Kindergarten through Fifth grade a teacher-administered test is given to determine academic skills and level. For younger students this test is conducted 1-on-1. For older students a written test is conducted 1-on-1 or in a group. An interview may also be conducted by the Principal.

For Sixth through Eighth grade a written test and oral Bible exam is given to determine academic skills and level. An interview is conducted by the Principal.

For Ninth through Twelfth an interview is conducted by the High School Principal.

Step IV: Schedule an Interview with the Headmaster

The next step is for your family to meet with the Headmaster, Chris Urban. Please contact the registrar to schedule an appointment.

Step V: Enrollment

The non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $150 is due upon receipt of a letter of acceptance from our admissions committee.

Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy

NCA is committed to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, or nation of origin in the administration of its educational and admissions policies, athletic programs or any other school-administered program.



Submit the re-registration form below along with the re-registration fees.  Fees may be submitted by using the paypal donate button. Enter re-registration fees in the memo line.

17-18 Reregistration Form