International Christian Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discipleship Model school?

Of all the enduring qualities that develop in childhood and adolescence, character is the most important. Our commitment as a discipleship model school is to partner closely with Christian families and their local churches to foster meaningful Christ-centered relationships. Communication, praise, discipline, mentoring–all these are done in the light of Christ’s example.

Learning and living successfully require God’s wisdom, strength and guidance. Knowledge is just the beginning. Heart, character, attitude – these are the qualities that make a difference in someone’s life. A heart for God finds purpose in what it learns, and applies that knowledge with understanding to impact the world.

Godly character testifies to God’s grace and love.

Why choose a Christian private school?

When our children leave school to enter the world of higher education or venture into a career, we want them armed with the truth of a Christian worldview.

Public schools may have competent instructors, bright students and beautiful facilities, so why pay extra to send your child to a Christian school? We choose to educate our children in the light of God’s truth for the same reason we choose to live our lives there. Learning and living successfully require God’s wisdom, strength and guidance.

In school, especially, our children are handicapped in their learning if the teacher cannot present– or perhaps doesn’t even know or understand– truth. There is no truth but God’s, and secular instruction often distorts the facts. From Charles Lyell’s geological strata which, in fact, do not occur anywhere on earth, to U.S. history stripped of its foundation in a shared belief in God, secular texts offer carefully scripted deception as fact. When our children leave school to enter the world of higher education or venture into a career, we want them armed with the truth of a Christian worldview. We want them to know the real facts of science and history.

The living witness of Christian teachers is another crucial element of effective education. Seeing these adults live out their relationship with God daily, in small things as well as large, is an invaluable experience and necessary preparation for our children to practice their own developing faith. Children spend seven hours a day for twelve or thirteen years of their lives in school just to get a high school diploma. Consider 180 days x 7 hours a day x 12 years of training and witness compared to regular church attendance alone which typically provides 52 Sundays x 1 hour of Sunday School x 12 years. The math for this equation is startling.

Why consider a Christian school?

  • We want our children to live all day in His presence.
  • We want our children to experience the fellowship of Christian peers.
  • We want our children learning Truth.
  • Exposure to other Christian adults reinforces what mom and dad are already teaching.
  • Learning how to evaluate data from a Christian worldview is essential to true understanding.
  • Not because it’s safer–a committed Christian faith is never safe!

We hope the information has helped as you consider a Christian education. If you have further questions please contact us. We look forward to continuing the dialogue.

Is your school accredited?

Yes! Nashua Christian Academy is fully accredited K-12 by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).

Accreditation provides outside confirmation that the school meets or exceeds current standards for education in every area. Our dual accreditation addresses the industry standards in education for all schools while also recognizing the unique expectations for Christian education. NEASC covers every operational aspect of the school, including whether and how effectively we address our chosen mission.

Are your teacher's certified?

Yes! Faculty members are required to obtain certification through the Association for Christian Schools International. Many have state certifications as well, but with ACSI we have a process which requires not only the training and experience demanded by the state, but also requires one year of college level Bible training. Teachers and administrators must continue to pursue current professional and biblical training in a five year cycle to maintain certification.

What is your Student to Teacher ratio?

Our Student to Teacher ratio is typically 10:1.

Our class size limits are as follows:
K4: 10 students
K5: 15 students
Grades 1 – 5: 20 students
Grades 6 – 12: 25 students

What are my transportation options to NCA?

Students who are residents of Nashua may take advantage of busing to and from NCA. The Nashua Public School District has devoted buses to provide service for our school. One bus will have a route for families north of the Nashua River; the other bus route will be for families south of the river. The following restrictions apply:

  • Kindergarten: No transportation provided
  • Grades 1 – 6: Transportation provided for students living outside a 1-mile radius
  • Grades 7 – 12: Transportation provided for students living outside a 2-mile radius.

Students in grades 9 – 12 must purchase a bus pass for $65.

Do you offer before or after school care?

After school care is offered until 5:30pm.

Do you offer any financial aid?

Scholarships and financial aid are available to need-based applicants through FACTS Tuition Management and the Network for Educational Opportunity. Click here to learn more.

What kinds of activities does NCA offer?
  • Field Trips
  • Music Lessons (Guitar & Piano)
  • Outreach
  • Ski Program
  • Elementary Soccer Skills
Middle School
  • Boys/Girls Nights
  • Field Trips
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Grade 8 Class Trip
  • Lego League
  • Music Lessons (Guitar & Piano)
  • Outreach
  • Retreats
  • Ski Program
  • VEX Robotics
  • Worship Team
High School
  • Field Trips
  • Mission Trips
  • Music Lessons (Guitar & Piano)
  • National Honor Society
  • Outreach
  • Prayer Nights
  • Retreats
  • VEX Robotics
  • Worship Team
  • Yearbook
What does NCA offer for athletics?

NCA currently offers the following:

  • Co-ed Varsity Soccer
  • Co-ed Junior High Soccer
  • Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
  • Junior High Boys Basketball
  • Junior High Cheerleading/Spirit
  • Girls Volleyball Club
What is the birthday cutoff for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten applicants?

The birthday cutoff date for our K4 and K5 program is October 1.

Do your students wear uniforms?

In an effort to remove distractions and promote unity, NCA has a school-wide dress code.

To ease the process of ordering uniforms, we have partnered with:

Educational Outfitters of NH
14A Broad St.
Nashua, NH 03064
NCA School Code: NH 0804

Can my child schedule an on campus visit?

We would love to have you visit us! We offer campus tours as well as shadow days for grades 3 and above. Please call the office at (603) 889-8892 to schedule.

What are the schools start and end times?

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:10pm
Half days 8:00am – 12:23pm