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Guatemalan students visit Nashua Christian Academy in exchange program

By NCA News on November 22, 2013 in News

Nashua Christian Academy is expanding its foreign exchange program through the junior and senior high schools so that many more international students have the opportunity to attend.

Four Guatemalan students were recently added to our NCA family: junior Jose Castillo, freshman Adela Magana, eighth-grader Eileen Moran and seventh-grader Gabriela Fletes.

These students are part of a program called the Experiencias Interculturales, an international program based in Guatemala. This organization selects young people ages 11-17 to travel to the U.S. for eight weeks to share cultural ideas; it’s also an educational experience for the students.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Improve the participant’s fluency in English.
  • Share the American culture with their host families.
  • Establish the basis of their future educational opportunities.
  • Strengthen their self-assurance and assume new challenges.
  • Have the participants enjoy the experience, making new friends.
  • Share a bilateral cultural enrichment with his classmates and host families through a series of activities.

The students are selected based on their knowledge of English, grades, evaluations and recommendations. Then a school is selected that seems like a good fit, and the student applies there.

The students all seem to enjoy the cultural differences here, and they all get along well with their new classmates.

Jose Castillo and Adela Magana are Guatemalan exchange students at Nashua Christian Academy.

Jose Castillo and Adela Magana are Guatemalan exchange students at Nashua Christian Academy.

When asked the differences between Nashua Christian Academy and their school back home, Castillo replied, “Well, my school is bigger, but I think that the fact yours is smaller is better, because you can get to know your classmates better. The people in my school are very serious and they don’t have a big sense of humor the way you guys do.”

Castillo also said the thing he loves most is the shower, since here, we have hot water.

Magana said her favorite thing here so far is “school, because everything is different and new for me. Every day is something different, and I learn many things.”

Most of the students have goals that are similar to the program’s. They want to improve their English, gain cultural knowledge and become more social.

We love having the Guatemalan students as a part of our school, and they seem to be enjoying it, as well. As part of their program, they will share their culture through a presentation and by teaching an artisan craft to the student body.

A great advantage of the program is that it allows us to get to know people from other countries who we would not have come to know otherwise.

NCA is happy to have our new students and looks forward to the time they will be spending here.

This article was written by Noruelis Adorno, senior at NCA. The article was also published in the Nashua Telegraph on November 10, 2013, which you can view here: