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K4 and 2nd Grade Serve at Rose Haven

By NCA News on May 9, 2013 in News

Rose Haven Trip

Nashua Christian Academy’s K4s joined the second grade to visit our special friends at Rose Haven on Wednesday, May 8th. On a mission to serve the residents this bright spring day, the students were living out the lessons of their Spiritual Emphasis Week. The Week’s focus on service included serving others with our time, talents and resources.

Grades K4 and 2 had decided to purchase three big planters, some dirt and flowers to take to the Rose Haven, along with a homemade card for each resident. Even K5 pitched in to help fund the project, serving their fellow students and our friends at the nursing home!

Once at Rose Haven, we greeted our friends and gave them the cards the kids had created. Next, the director led us outside and put us to work. Students pulled weeds and moved existing flowers to new homes in another flowerbed. Teams of six students worked with an adult. Work was a real team effort, and all present were blessed to hear the children encouraging one another along the way!

One chaperone noted, “One thing that has always impressed me is that the children know this is not about them. They know that it is about sharing the love of Jesus.” And truly, these students clearly demonstrated that our faith is not about getting, but giving and how we lift up the name of Jesus!