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Nashua Christian holds colorful activities during Spirit Week

By NCA News on April 16, 2014 in News

Originally published on March 30, 2014 in the Nashua Telegraph.

Students at Nashua Christian Academy showed their true school spirit during Spirit Week from March 17-21.

Whether it was going all-out as their favorite character or dressing up as an elderly person, everyone showed their spirit.

To make the week a competition, the students were broken up into teams from all high school levels: pink, orange, purple and yellow. Teams scored points based on participation and won awards based on students’ and teachers’ votes.

“It was great seeing people going all-out just to win,” senior Hailey Moore said. “Even if you didn’t take part, you still got a free show.”

The festive week started with Stereotype Day on Monday. With style and pizzazz, the preps strutted through the school with button-down shirts and suit coats. The jocks showed their sportiness with their track suits and cheerleader outfits. Decked out in flannel shirts and scarves, the hipsters showed off their off-limit, mainstream attitudes. To complete Stereotype Day, the nerds dressed up with big glasses and short pants.

Tuesday brought along Character Day – Snow White, Pocahontas and the Wicked Witch of the West, to name a few.

Senior Zach Brown, who dressed and acted exactly like Napoleon Dynamite, quoted Napoleon throughout the day by saying, “Gosh!” Zach’s outfit was presented the Most Accurate Award and the Most Creative Award.

“My favorite day was Character Day,” sophomore Sonya DiPietro said. “I love books and movies, and to me, it looked like a bunch of movies and books exploded throughout the school.”

Students were a little slow walking into school on Wednesday. Elderly Day was a big hit. Canes, walkers, gray hair and glasses were seen everywhere in the school.

Sophomore Joe Fournier was clever enough to come as a grandma. Dress, head scarf and all, Fournier was voted the Best Grandma Award and the Personal Favorite Award.

“My favorite day was Elderly Day,” sophomore Benjamin Sontag said. “Everyone had really good costumes. When people have good costumes, the day is better.”

On Thursday, people in Roaring ’20s, ’50s, ’80s and ’90s outfits walked through the halls on Decades Day. Best Dressed and Most Accurate Awards were presented to students who dressed most appropriately to their assigned decades.

Spirit Week came to a close with Color Day and games on Friday. Points were given for each colored clothing item the students wore. Students dressed in their assigned colors, and a lot of it. Games were also played to add additional points to the teams’ scores.

In the end, Spirit Week was a huge success! And the winning team? The yellow team was awarded a pancake lunch prepared by the losing teams.

Anne Niemaszyk is a junior at Nashua Christian Academy.