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Nashua Christian organizes coat drive

By NCA News on December 19, 2015 in News

CoatDriveThis November, Nashua Christian Academy has been running a coat drive with the goal of helping the homeless youth in the local area.

The drive was announced last week, and in that time, students from all across the high school have brought in dozens of sweatshirts, jackets and coats. Many of the donations have been pieces of clothing that people have grown out of but are still in good condition. “It’s good to see that these clothes are not being wasted, but are instead going to a good cause,” said junior Kendra Hickey.

Unlike many other times that NCA has hosted charity events, there is no prize of any kind to be rewarded to those who donate. Despite this, the drive has been met with success. Every day, the box of coats tucked into the corner of the high school locker room continues to grow. In just the first week, the drive has collected enough clothing to keep dozens of homeless teenagers warm. The team behind the drive is very encouraged at the wonderful response they have gotten. “I’m glad that NCA has an opportunity to help the homeless,”said senior Sonya DiPietro.

This drive is not being done by NCA alone, however. Sometime near the end of the month, the box of clothes will be hauled off to the Londonderry-based charity Saint Gianna’s Closet, where they will be given away to the less fortunate people of Nashua. The coats will go to people of all ages, from newborns up to teens. The team hopes that NCA’s efforts will make a difference in the community, with senior Nate Thibodeau remarking, “I really hope that these donations will be able to fulfill the needs of those struggling around us.”

This coat drive has been a huge success at NCA, and will hopefully be as much of a blessing for those receiving the coats as it was for those giving.

Daniel Scott is a senior at Nashua Christian Academy.

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