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Nashua Christian Seniors Organize Food Drive

By NCA News on December 16, 2013 in News

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Nashua Christian Academy is holding a food drive to help the Tolles Street Mission in Nashua.

In the last two weeks, students in junior high and high school have brought in a substantial supply of food, including canned and dry goods and pasta.

Senior twins Nathan Brown and Zach Brown and classmate Hailey Moore had the idea of hosting this year’s Food Drive at NCA.

“We decided that making it a friendly competition with prizes between the grades would maximize participation,” Zach Brown said.

Nathan Brown added, “We tried to spread awareness through posters, announcements and even wearing random things like tiger tails, butterfly wings, a horse mask and even a George W. Bush mask to get the students to ask about the food drive.”

“It helped catch people’s attention,” Moore said. “Plus, they know we can still have fun while helping others.”

From week to week, certain food items are considered bonus points. At the end of the food drive, prizes will be awarded to the classes with the highest participation levels.

First place is a dress-down day and movie afternoon. Second place is a dress-down day.

These three seniors have helped raise awareness, and through their work, the outcome has definitely been positive.

“We were looking for the opportunity,” Nathan Brown said.

The school has collected more than 400 cans so far, and the number is increasing rapidly.

“The last collection date is November 26th, which is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving,” Moore said.

NCA students’ willingness to help has demonstrated their community responsibility. Helping others is a wonderful way to give back to the community. Others will benefit from the students’ willingness to lend a helping hand.

By making an act of charity into a friendly competition, the students have not only provided the Tolles Street Mission with a critical supply of food, but it has also given each individual a sense of community and social responsibility.

This article was written by Anne Niemaszyk, junior at NCA. The article was also published in the Nashua Telegraph on November 10, 2013, which you can view here: