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Nashua Christian students attend Camp Berea retreat

By NCA News on October 14, 2015 in Events, News

On Sept. 17-18, the Nashua Christina Academy Junior High and High School took their annual trip to Camp Berea in Hebron.

It is a wonderful time for all the students to bond and make new friends who ultimately last a lifetime. At Berea, everybody seems to find either a new way to encounter God or learns something new about Him.

The teachers and camp staff always do an astonishing job of making the time spent a lot of fun while still increasing a relationship with and community for the Lord.

“One of my favorite things (about Berea) was the night games,” said sophomore Gabrielle Carpenter. All of the high school students participated in many different activities, including swimming, kickball, tube tug, basketball, football and a treasure hunt at night.

Sophomore Izzie Farris, who had never been to Camp Berea before, said she “expected it to be a lot of bonding, and it was.” When the school takes this annual trip, all of the students bond through the games we participate in and the worship we share.

Seniors have the chance to take the ride together on the bus for their last year. “It is a great way to start our last year in high school and really a fun time to bond as a class,” said senior Rebecca Croley.
While it is a sad thought that this is the last year to be at Berea for the seniors, everybody looks forward to this one last trip.

One of the best parts of the time spent at Berea is the chapels everyone is blessed to listen to. This year, a group of two families from Cypress came to lead worship and gave a few sermons to the students and staff.

What a blessing it was to learn about God through a new perspective from them!

Emily Desaulniers is a senior at Nashua Christian Academy.

The Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire
Sunday, October 11, 2015

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