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Nashua Christian welcomes new students with surprise party

By NCA News on October 31, 2013 in News

Nashua Christian Academy has a remarkable sense of school spirit.

This year, several students threw a welcoming party for all of the people new to the high school: Emily Apple, Monica Dim, Thanh Nha Huynh Ho, Anne Neimaszyk, Nathan Thibodeau, Cora McCann, Nathan O’Hearn and James Walsh.

Dim and Huynh are exchange students from Myanmar and Vietnam respectively, part of a recently added program called the International Christian Leadership Institute.

The high school student body united to welcome them to its family- and faith-oriented school.

The organizers spoke to the principal, Chancellor Dr. Paul Berube, and were given a budget of $50 to throw the party. Junior Lindsey Luna created a Facebook page inviting all of the returning students to sign posters made for each of the new students with notes of encouragement. Sophomore Emily Desaulniers made a beautiful cake for the occasion.

The organizers went to Party City and bought decorations, and then to Morning Star to put together gift bags for each of the new students. They also made a walkway and poster that said “Welcome to NCA.”

On Sept. 6, Desaulniers came to school early and hid the decorations. Soon enough, Luna, along with sophomore Mandy Smith and Becky Mason, who coaches junior high coed soccer and cheerleading, went to the lunchroom and got ready for the party.

Berube called all of the new students to the office for an impromptu “meeting.” This allowed for time to gather the rest of the students, until finally, the new students came up together, led by Berube.

As they walked in, the student body yelled “Surprise!” and each of their faces lit up with astonishment. Luna gave a welcoming speech, and everyone enjoyed the rest of the party.

The students threw the party because they felt they weren’t reaching out to the new students enough and that this would be a great way to welcome them.

“It was a huge surprise,” said McCann, a freshman. “I had no idea.”

“That was awesome,” athletic director Josh Winans said. “I love it when people get creative like that.”

The welcome was a success; in fact, Dim said, “The poster is beside my bed … somewhere I can see it.”

In our small but wonderful school, there is an extraordinary sense of school spirit and friendship. As high school secretary Melinda Huebner said, “With the quality of students we have, working … is a privilege and an honor, not a job.”

The uniqueness of the relationships found in our school promotes our receptiveness to those entering our high school floor.

This article was written by Lindsey Luna and Emily Desaulniers, junior and sophomore at NCA. The article was also published in the Nashua Telegraph on October 13, 2013, which you can view here: