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NCA Attends Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

By NCA News on April 22, 2014 in Events

By Emily Desaulniers, NCA Sophomore

On March 27th and 28th, six of Nashua Christian Academy’s top science students from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, were selected to go on an over-night trip to the University of New Hampshire, 105 Main Street, Durham, NH 03824. During these days, Anne Niemaszyk, Emily Desaulniers, Sonya DiPietro, Joshua Hartling, Hannah Keldsen, and Robert Misiag observed the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium(JSHS) Northern New England Region and Southern New England Region. With hopes to participate next year, the students had the opportunity to attend the Symposium and obtain an idea of what they were getting into.

On Thursday morning, NCA’s high school biology teacher, Monique Niemaszyk, and chaperone Mark Misiag, drove the six students to UNH. Upon arrival and after lunch, the oral presentations began. Sonya DiPietro had this reaction to these projects, “The oral presentations were mind-blowing. Most of the time I didn’t even know what half of the words meant! Nonetheless I did learn quite a bit from it, even simple things like learning how to give a proper presentation.” At first, NCA’s group questioned how these kids presenting knew so much for their age, so Monique Niemaszyk went on a mission to find out a little bit more information.

The JSHS is a science program for high school students. Students research a scientific topic of interest, submit their research papers and the top proposals are chosen to participate in this Symposium with the opportunity to win prizes and even move onto the national Symposium that is held in Washington, DC. We learned that students involved in this program were connected with college mentors, and were even able to use the UNH labs.

After the oral presentations were done, we all headed off to see the poster presentations. NCA’s group learned a lot in this portion of the trip about many different topics and saw this option of participation as a much more viable choice of involvement next year. Later that night, awards were given out and everybody was released to go to their hotel rooms for a good night’s sleep before another big day.

Friday morning students and adult chaperones were provided breakfast at UNH and then split up to attend different labs. Everyone enjoyed the labs and DiPietro states, “The labs were really neat. Seeing the technology and what it did was fun. They were fairly easy to understand, and more interactive than just sitting in a lecture.” A few of the ones NCA students observed were GMO Issues and Lighting Up Cells.

Arriving at the end of NCA’s adventure to the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Northern New England Region and Southern New England Region at UNH, the students were brain-tired, but very thankful for their amazing experience and learning opportunity.