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Spiritual Emphasis Week 2014

By NCA News on March 28, 2014 in Events

“God is ALWAYS inviting you in…”

Students at Nashua Christian Academy experienced the story of Esther first hand March 10-14 in their Spiritual Emphasis Week. With part of the school transformed into King Xerxes’ palace and gardens, students and faculty donned elaborate costumes to be a part of the story. Each day, they discovered a new aspect of God’s character through this biblical narrative which never actually mentions God’s name.

Staff and students alike considered God’s Sovereignty, His Providence, and that He is Faithful, Just and All-Powerful. They began to understand together what these aspects of God’s character mean for each of us in our daily lives. One student noted that “God is ALWAYS inviting you in”, that unlike the King of Persia who might or might not extend his scepter to allow one into his throne room, God never rejects those who seek him. Another realized, “I’m in God’s story, not mine. It’s not all about me. I know that God will use me in His story to do great things…”.

Games, drama, and storytelling were enhanced by full size sets that drew students aged 4 to 14 into this biblical adventure. How better to demonstrate the school’s mission to “instill Passion for God and Compassion for People in each and every student”? The history of Esther is a perfect vehicle for learning about humility, service and courage, character traits for future leaders who will value the faith, commitment and perseverance needed to excel in every area of life!