International Christian Leadership Institute

Christian Life

NCA is a discipleship-model Christian school, which means everything we do flows from our desire to instill a passion for God and compassion for people in each student. The spiritual lives of our students are fostered in a variety of ways.

Elementary School

Modeling and Discipleship

  • Minute by minute modeling by gifted, Godly faculty, staff and administration as we strive to develop a “Passion for God, Compassion for People” in every student.
  • Care and attention given to loving and gentle re-direction, forgiveness and grace.

Chapels are held once a week for K4 through Grade 5.

  • Led by the Elementary Faculty, the 30 minute Elementary Chapels include singing, Bible Ball, theme verse(s), object lessons, prayer and a short lesson.
  • Parents are always welcome!

Spiritual Emphasis Week
Held once a year, our week of daily chapels is theme-based and spectacular!

Community Service in the Elementary School this year included

  • Visits to the elderly and inviting the elderly to visit NCA
  • Filling a shoe box for an orphan in a foreign land
  • Collecting coins to buy books for children with limited access to them
  • Feeding the poor by collecting cans of food for our local food pantry
  • Planting flowers at an assisted living facility
  • Some projects are done by individual classes and some are school-wide, all are done in the Name of Jesus.

Junior High

Modeling and Discipleship

  • Godly and gifted teachers encourage conversations and questions as students grow toward having a personal “Passion for God, Compassion for People”
  • Discipleship is a daily, minute by minute process. Staff, Faculty and Administration model their care and love for not only students, but for one another, that Christ may be honored and glorified through all we say and do
  • Fostering an attitude full of gratitude has included an attempt to write down 10,000 things for which students are grateful


  • Grades 6, 7, 8 meet for Chapel once a week
  • Chapel includes Junior High Worship Team leading singing (with Faculty oversight), Scripture Lesson, Prayer and Application
  • Lessons are usually led by the Principal and/or Faculty with a focus on making one’s faith their own
  • Parents are always welcome!

Annual Junior/Senior High Retreat each fall develops community, corporate worship, Bible Study and lots of fun.

Spiritual Emphasis Week
Once a year, a full week of extended daily chapels focuses on a specific theme, such as “Service”. The chapel area is transformed and the students love it! Again, parents are welcome.

Service Projects

  • Each student steps out of his or her comfort zone and develops an individual and/or group Service Project four times a year—gaining amazing stories of personal gratitude and boldness
  • All School Service Projects (K4-Grade 12) each year foster community across all levels of the school

High School

Modeling and Discipleship
ICLI students are specifically guided to spend personal time with God as they ‘make their faith their own’. A Bible reading plan incorporates four chapters (Psalms, Proverbs, Old & New Testament) into a daily reading. Students SOAK in God’s Word (Study – Observe – Apply – and Kneel to Pray) with each daily selection and journal their highlights and responses in prayer four days each week.

As in the Junior High grades, Godly teachers encourage students in ongoing discipleship, modeling their care and love for our students, and for each other, that Christ may be honored and glorified through all we say and do.

ICLI students meet together in Chapel every Monday morning to begin their week and their day in God’s Presence. Dr. Paul Berube, Chancellor, leads students to examine the roots of the Judeo-Christian faith in the light of contemporary events.

An annual Fall retreat provides a time of spiritual setting for the year in a relaxed ‘camp’ locale, where students connect with God and one another, binding together as a community.

Service Projects
The Compassion for People that naturally arises as students build a personal Passion for God touches our world. Students serve in many capacities locally, blessing the community through area ministries and organizations serving the homeless, the hungry, children and the poor.

Those same efforts expand globally as each ICLI student is required to participate in at least one mission trip with the school. Annual missions are planned during the winter and spring break weeks and have included serving refugees, orphans and the homeless in: Ukraine, Romania, Ecuador, Bolivia, Jamaica. Closer to home, teams have reached out to help re-build in Mississippi after Katrina, to evangelize the Cambodian community in Lynn Massachusetts and to extend God’s grace to Rohingyan (Muslim) refugees in New Hampshire.