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Mission Trips

As we reach out to others, God reaches into our hearts and leaves us changed!

The importance of NCA’s mission, “Passion for God, Compassion for People” in the life of our school is clearly demonstrated in our requirement that every high school student participate in a school-sponsored mission trip in order to graduate. One trip during the high school years is required for graduation from NCA. These trips are an integral part of our focus on “Compassion for People,” and are intentionally designed to give participants an opportunity to work in a cross-cultural situation.

The Chancellor of the school, Dr. Paul Berube, seeks out mission trip experiences where students will be directly sharing the gospel as well as serving people in the region. A mission trip with NCA is designed to draw students out of their comfort zone mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally. This is not a “Christian tour” that visits a country and helps a local mission in isolation.

Compassion for others develops as students see God in people of other cultures and meet people who need God so desperately. The experience is not always “warm & fuzzy” but God’s love compels us to love the unlovely. Many students find greater joy and contentment in their own lives after observing the joy of Christians who trust God for their literal daily bread.

International trips are scheduled during the winter and spring school breaks, with a domestic mission project organized every other year or so. In recent years NCA teams have served in Bolivia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Ukraine, Romania, and Lynn, Massachusetts.

Students are provided with support letters describing the mission and encouraged to raise their own funds to cover the cost of the trip. Donations are made to Nashua Christian Academy and are tax-deductible. Ultimately the student’s family is financially responsible for covering the cost of the trip. Donations in excess of the trip’s costs are used to bless the ministries and people served.

In preparation for the trip, the mission team (students and staff/faculty leaders) typically meets several weeks in advance to pray, learn about the mission location and culture, be instructed as their ministry tasks, and bond together as a team. Students prepare personal testimonies for presentation in churches or to people groups during the trip. When a team arrives on location, our entire first day is devoted to prayer.

Lives on both sides of the mission trip experience – students and the people they reach – are forever changed by the transforming power of God’s love.

NCA mission teams have worked in:

  • Orphanages and gypsy camps in Ukraine
  • Youth ministry in Romania
  • VBS and neighborhood clean-up in Katrina-stricken Gulfport, MS
  • A traveling street ministry in Mexico
  • Schools and Compassion International’s children’s programs in Ecuador
  • Outreach to the Cambodian community in Lynn, MA
  • House building and water filtration systems in Guatemala

Past Mission Trips

February 2017 Guatemala Mission

The 2017 NCA Guatemala Mission Team spent their winter break working in and around Antigua, Guatemala. Every day was filled with opportunities to serve! The team started their week building a house for a young street pastor, his wife and 2-year old son. This house enabled the pastor to continue his work for the Lord.

The next day was very busy as the team moved from serving students at the El Club morning feeding program to passing out water filters and witnessing in the local community. In the afternoon, the students returned to El Club and brought their friends as our team presented the gospel, sang, and played with them.

While in Guatemala, we also partnered with Hope Haven to distribute and custom fit wheelchairs. What a blessing to watch as families lives were changed with these gifts! The remainder of our time was used to distribute more water filters and host an additional VBS time at a local school.

It was through the partnership and prayers of many that our ministry opportunities were made possible. Thank YOU!

April 2016 Guatemala Trip

NCA sent their first group of students down to Guatemala do work on projects blessing the people there. We worked with Revive Guatemala (, where Pastor Paul’s daughter, Katie Berube organized the projects for us. One of the projects we worked on throughout the week was distributing water filters to different towns. We gave out about 20 of these and while showing the families how to use them, we also spread God’s Word to them and prayed over their families. The families, in turn told us about who they are and blessed us with either Pepsi or Coke to give us the most that they could in exchange for the gift we gave to them.

Perhaps the biggest project worked on in Guatemala was building houses. The team built 5 houses for different families in different towns. They split up into groups and worked on these houses all day and even filled them with a month’s food supply, bedding, and a table and chairs. While working on these house builds, we had the chance to connect with the families and play with their children. At the end, we shared with them God’s Word and prayed for over the family and their new house. We also went to a feeding center during the week and distributed food and drinks to the children there. Afterwards, we sang worship songs with them (in Spanish) and put on skits to tell stories of Jesus. At another school we visited a couple times, we played soccer, sang songs, put on skits, and made bracelets with the kids. Lastly, one other project we worked on was plating avocado trees on one of the families’ farm. This not only provided food for the family, but also a source of income. Overall, we worked hard in Guatemala to bless the families and what we gave to them, we gained back in their love and appreciation.

April 2014 Haiti Trip

In April of 2014, NCA sent a group of students to Haiti to reach out to the people there. We worked with a local elementary school almost every day, distributing soap to them for the students to bring home to their families and spending time with them coloring or making bracelets. At this school, we also brought in some tablets and taught the students how to use them. Many of these students had never used anything similar before, and with the language barrier, we mostly had to demonstrate.

On many other days, we met with a group of students around our age and spent time with them, because that is what most of the children and teens want, is just to be appreciated and loved. We took them to the beach, let them braid our hair, painted their nails, and played card games with them. Another way we reached out to the community in Haiti is through food distribution. We portioned beans and rice to give out to families living near where we stayed. We walked around and gave these out, meanwhile spreading the gospel by praying over the families we had the opportunity to bless. While walking around, we also played with the kids and gave them candy. The children in these neighborhoods enjoyed spending time with us and were simply blessed by our time. The last activity we participated in on the trip was leading a church service, where students led worship and Pastor Paul gave a message. Overall, as much as we could bless the families we reached out to on the trip, they blessed us even more through their appreciation and unconditional love for us.

One students personal thoughts on the trip…
Personally, being able to go on this mission trip was a huge blessing to me because it changed my perspective. When we first arrived, it was a shock. We walked out into the streets and there were people all over the place, because they had nothing to do for work. Everything smelled and there was garbage everywhere, in the rivers, sides of the road, you name it. It was so hot outside that it exhausted the people. It was devastating. But then, through the days we visited the people of the country, my perspective changed so much more. It changed from feeling bad for the horrible conditions these people had to live in, to looking up to them and understanding how strong they are for being so happy and loving of God and others despite their circumstances.

April 2011 Ukraine Mission

The NCA 2011 Ukraine Team will head out on Easter Sunday for an extended mission in Ukraine and Poland. Six students and four adults will serve together to minister to orphans at Domboki, worship with and minister to gypsy believers in Mukachevo and Holmoc, visit English classes in Uzhgorod, and host seven young ‘guests’ at our hotel.

We met with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the local church to round out our time on Ukraine. During our second week, we traveled to Krakow, Poland. There we toured the old city, Schindler’s factory and, finally, the Auschwitz/Birkenau complex.

Thank you for your prayers and support to make all this possible!

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April 2011 Lynn Massachusetts Mission

33 Miles From Home, But a Whole Different World.

This April vacation a team of students from Nashua Christian Academy will be serving the Cambodian community in Lynn, Massachusetts. Pastor PoSan Ung from Living Fields church in Lynn leads a small church plant with many outreaches in the local community.

They will be working in Lynn ministering to children, youth and families in a local park, at church, at the ministry house and at the Y. Some of what they will be doing will be preparing and presenting games, crafts and gospel presentations and helping with a reconstruction project at the Living Fields residential ministry house.

Cambodians have a long tradition in Buddhism, and young men and women who accept Christ may be disowned or put out onto the street by their families. Christians encounter powerful opposition and great pressure to ‘return to their roots’ in Buddhism.

The combination of service and ministry planned for the team will be very demanding, so please pray for them for strength and grace. This community offers a third world experience in the midst of our region. It is our belief that friendships formed will speak into the hearts of all, bringing a new sense of hope, love, and unity for the years to come.

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February 2011 Jamaica Mission

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in Jamaica this winter?

On February 24, 2011 eleven students and their two chaperones, Jean Eastman and Krista Brown, flew into Montego Bay to work with two organizations in the areaThe Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf is a residential school for approximately 35 children ages two through eighteen years of age.  The team prepared and presented a Vacation Bible School program for the children.  To prepare for working with deaf children, members of the team have learned American Sign Language.

The team stayed at the Fairhaven Christian Retreat Center in Montego Bay and traveled by bus to the School and the Children’s Home.  Students who went on the trip were Nathan Brown, Zachary Brown, Larissa Callery, Joy Davis, Christine Eldredge, David Gordon, Nichole Hargreaves, Joy Hartman, Abby Luszey, Mariah Sontag, and Annalisa Tanguay.

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February 2010 Boliva Mission

Thirteen Nashua Christian Academy students have chosen a different way to spend this February vacation. The school is organizing a mission trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The students have begun raising money, and have their required vaccinations and visas squared away. The students will leave for Cochabamba on Feb. 18 and spend 10 days serving the people of Bolivia.

The students who have signed up for the trip are Rachel Bohannan, Christine Brienen, Emily Ham, Theresa Kiernan, Lackiram Sophia, Samantha Schreiner, Kelsey Seremet, Colleen Standish, Amanda Sweeney, Jon Birch, Jed Crook, Brandon Ezzo and Kyle Maloney.

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February 2009 Jamaica Mission

It’s time to hit the friendly skies once again. A team of eight is ready to take off during February vacation and head to Jamaica to serve on a missions trip. Vicki Nason, Christen Byrd, Nina Spataro, Krysten Gosztyla, Joy Hartman, Maria Imperiali, Colleen Standish, and Kayla Houle will be spending eight days at Robin’s Nest in Montego Bay, Jamaica.Robin’s Nest Children’s Home is an orphanage which serves many children in a loving and compassionate Christian environment.

God is providing an awesome opportunity for our team to serve and help in various ways. While in Jamaica we will be involved in simply loving on babies (holding and rocking them); teaching swimming lessons and playing with children; daily chores of mopping, sweeping, cleaning, and doing dishes, etc. The team is extremely excited and each and every member has commented on the fact that they know their lives are going to be changed forever after this experience. That is our prayer… may God stretch us and use us to our fullest potential to share his love with those in need; those less fortunate than ourselves.

February 2008 Ukraine Mission

This year’s trip to the Ukraine co-lead by Sean VonRoen and Janine Myers will be traveling during spring break. The team consists of Amanda SweenyEmily Myers, Emily Holecy, Becky Mason, Anna Rohrer, Jeremiah Robinson, Chris Maloney, Tom Christ, Dan Earl, and Mike Standish.

Hello to Family and Friends! – April 25, 2008

We have an adventure from the start! The team left Boston right on time and had an uneventful flight to New York. Unfortunately, then it became eventful. After sitting on the plane ‘forever’ in New York waiting to re-fuel, the decision was made to return to Boston to re-fuel. Don’t even ask! Lots of time sitting on the tarmac again, w-a-i-t-i-n-g. Finally fueled up, and – a problem with the plane. So at 10 last night the team deplaned and headed for a hotel overnight. Returned to Logan this morning and are confirmed for today’s 4:00 flight out.

The kids have been great, and a wonderful prayer time was had this morning! Yesterday was a long day though, so please pray that everyone will get some real rest in flight and on the train. Expected arrival will be one day late. Many thanks to Peter in Budapest and Volodya in Uzhgorod for juggling the various reservations and arrangements there smoothly!

February 2008 Cuenca, Ecuador Mission

The first NCA missions trip of the 2007-2008 school year will leave from Manchester NH on Friday February 22, 2008 and return on Saturday March 1st. 12 students from NCA and 2 chaperones, Mr. Dan Kerwin and Mrs. Chris Urban will be traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador. The 12 students are: Meaghan Biggio, Jamie Brienen, Tiana Burelle, David Cianci, Eric Lizotte, Matt Ezzo, Catie Ham, Dan MacDougall, Sam Penkacik, Anthony Smith, CT Spaulding and Chris Yoos.

We are traveling first to Guayaquil Ecuador via Atlanta GA, staying overnight and then taking a short trip up to Cuenca, a city of 400,000 up at 9,000 feet in the Andes mountains. We will be working with Verbo Ministries in Cuenca and Compassion International. Part of what we will be doing will be working with underprivileged kids in an after-school program.

If you would like to pray for us we would appreciate it. We hope to be able to update this blog with our thoughts and some photos while we are on the trip.