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Welcome Surprise! NCA welcomes new students.

By NCA News on October 14, 2015 in News

ncatele2On Tuesday, September 13th, junior Hannah Keldsen and senior Emily Desaulniers threw a surprise party to welcome, bless, and pray over the eleven wonderful additions to Nashua Christian Academy High School – 8 include international students from South Korea, the Ukraine and Brazil. In response, a week later, the international students we have from South Korea threw everyone a thank you celebration in which they shared some of the music and food from their culture.
For the welcome party, the entire high school student body created posters with the name of each of the new students, a unique Scripture verse to bless them, and notes from everyone to hang up. “I really liked how everyone signed a poster for every student and added something a little personal to it,” says sophomore Amanda LaFrance. Halfway through chapel, students were released downstairs where the party was set up while the new students were held back. A few short minutes later, new students came down and the entire room yelled, “Surprise!” “I think the best part was seeing their reactions when they came in,” says sophomore Gabrielle Carpenter. Afterward, breakfast was set up for everyone to dig into.
“They are great and an awesome addition to our school. Their willingness to learn is great and they are working very hard. They are cheerful and always want to talk,” senior Alex Levesque was commentating on our international students. Pastor Paul Berube, Chancellor and high school principal, called all of our new international students to the center of the room for us to pray over, to bless their lives and their time at this school. “I really liked that we did pray for international students,” says senior Dima Golovko, an exchange student from Ukraine.
Little did the high school know that in response to this welcome party, the wonderful Korean exchange students would thank us in such an amazing way with a surprise of their own. The next Tuesday, September 22nd, everyone got to chapel and all of the Korean students were on the stage ready to perform. “It was impressive how musically talented our Korean students are,” says senior Joe Fournier says. They sang a song in their language then brought the rest of the students downstairs to taste a variety of Korean foods that they typically eat. Everyone was extremely grateful to be able to try new food and learn more about a new culture.
ncateleWonderful things are going on at NCA! As we start the year and welcome new students we cannot wait to see what God will bring to Nashua Christian Academy this year.
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By NCA Senior, Emily Desaulniers

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